Synopsis: In this interview hosted by Mike Vizard for the Techstrong AI Leadership Series, Evan Sparks, VP and general manager for AI solutions and cloud at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), discusses the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) in organizations. Sparks emphasizes the challenges businesses face as they transition from initial enthusiasm to operationalizing AI, highlighting the shift from developing AI technologies to managing their deployment.

He underscores the complexity of AI projects, the necessity of rethinking software development due to the probabilistic nature of AI models, and the intense computational demands they impose. Sparks also notes a split in AI responsibilities, with data scientists focusing on model training and IT operations handling deployment.

The conversation also delves into the practical applications of AI and the growing importance of data management and sovereignty in AI implementations. Sparks mentions the significant role of fine-tuning AI models to specific organizational needs and the involvement of various corporate sectors in AI integration. He discusses the infrastructure challenges associated with AI, including the high demand for computational resources both in cloud environments and at the edge, and the emerging trend of specialized AI clouds.

Additionally, Sparks advocates for better resource utilization and efficiency in AI infrastructure to cope with the increasing computational demands, predicting a shift towards more optimized and specialized facilities for AI processing.