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Marc Hornbeek, a.k.a., DevOps-the-Gray, is CEO and Principal Consultant at Engineering DevOps Consulting, author of the book "Engineering DevOps", and Ambassador of The DevOps Institute. Marc is a specialist / expert at applying a deep knowledge of engineering practices to DevOps, QA, DevSecOps and SRE transformations. Marc applies his unique, comprehensive Engineering Blueprints, Seven-Step DevOps Transformation Blueprint and Nine Pillars of DevOps / QE / DevSecOps / SRE discovery and assessment tools, together with targeted workshops to create actionable and comprehensive DevOps transformation roadmaps and strategic plans. Marc is an IEEE Outstanding Engineer, and 47-year Life Member of IEEE. He is a DevOps leadership advisor/mentor. He is the original author of the DevOps Engineering Foundation, Continuous Delivery Ecosystem Foundation (CDEF) and Continuous Test Foundation (CTF) certification courses that are offered by global training partners of the DevOps Institute. He is a Blogger on DevOps.com, CloudNativeNow.com, and SeurityBlvd.com. He is a freelance writer of DevOps content including eBooks, webinars, and white papers. . His education includes engineering and executive business degrees and nine certifications from the DevOps Institute. Email Marc for DevOps / QE / DevSecOps / SRE consulting, training, writing and speaking engagements at [email protected], call him at +1 805 908 5789 or use this link to book a live 20 minute chat. https://calendly.com/engineeringdevops/devopschat
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