About the Author: Danny Wolf

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Danny Wolf is a famous music producer for his original music as well as the music he has produced for Justin Bieber, Juice Wrld Lil Uzi Vert. Popular songs of his include "Slidin', "Sometime" and "i". The latter has garnered over 3 billion streams overall. His first hit came in the form of a song he produced for Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Danny joined the legendary ranks of APG at only 20. Danny was born in Mexico City, Mexico, as Miguel Curtidor – immigrating to the US as a child at just 5 years old. As most of his family still lived in Mexico, he taught himself to hustle hard and hold fast to his faith at a young age – and learned especially to live for himself. Starting his music production at age 16 on a school laptop, he taught himself composition through Fruity Loops, Ableton and a 16-key midi keyboard. Putting his nose down to the non-stop grind, Danny crafted his first placement with Hoodrich Pablo Juan, initially going mega viral in late 2019. He has now accumulated billions of plays through self-brokering cuts with the hottest up-and-coming artists.
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