Genie S

Billed as an AI first, the new Genie S GPT-enabled camera from Psync Labs comes in at a remarkably low price of $35, an indication, perhaps, of how ubiquitous the technology is becoming. A subscription service called ViewSay offered with the smart home camera, uses GPT to recognize and label objects within its view. Genie S then goes a step further by converting what it sees into a description sent as a text message alert.

While the Genie S might be seen primarily as a home security camera, it certainly doesn’t look like one with its cute Wall-E style design. Genie S folds up into a Rubik-sized cube with the camera facing downward in a nod to privacy advocates when not in use. Operation is controlled by an easy-to-use app that uses the phone’s full screen to show you what the camera sees. Genie S is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Setup is simple and straightforward.

Images and videos are stored on the camera itself, with a standard model with 32 GB of storage and a slightly more expensive ($40) offering 64 GB. The camera supports 12-second event playback and 14-day storage of images. However, select encrypted key frames are relayed to the AWS cloud for analysis and to build the AI’s recognition capabilities. Genie S can recognize objects, pets or humans, and those parameters can be filtered or customized. Those recognition skills, which improve with time, are very descriptive: A text message alert is likely to read something like “a woman in a green sweater holding a black bag is at the front door entrance.” The AI aspect also means that Genie S images are very searchable using key words. The optional ViewPlay feature has an introductory price of 99 cents per month, but it’s anticipated that it will rise to $7 per month. Psync Labs is a company formed this year.

Genie S is well able to take a look around as it rotates 350 degrees and tilts 125 degrees vertically. found the image quality to be very good for a device of its size. By the numbers, it’s 5 megapixels and 2K resolution. The images and videos are vertically aligned for easy sharing to social media, and aspect ratios can be switched between 16:9 and 4:3. A key feature is a bright LED that illuminates the dark.  A live video feed can be shared amongst four people for up to 30 minutes.

Genie S also includes a speaker and microphone. A “call” feature lets you speak to anyone within view of the camera like a sort of in-house walkie-talkie. A screw mount means Genie S can be installed in a variety of locations. If you’re looking to keep an eye on kids, pets or seniors, then Genie S ups your level of awareness while also fulfilling a home security role.

Genie S is available to purchase at the company’s website: