AI audits

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of data analysis and response. We explore the profound impact of AI’s remarkable speed in analyzing and responding to thousands of data points, with a particular focus on its application in enhancing safety, particularly in the world of online gaming. As the CEO of Kidas, a tech company dedicated to monitoring in-game communication, I will delve into how AI can not only flag potential threats but also adapt to the needs of diverse industries, from schools to large scale institutions.

The Speed of AI Analysis

The speed at which AI processes and analyzes vast volumes of data is nothing short of astonishing. Imagine a team of moderators needing to review thousands of conversations every second – that’s just not feasible. Now, think about an AI algorithm that can analyze data points like emotions, age, history, context and more, moderating those same conversations. AI can analyze data that humans don’t have the bandwidth to consider in real-time. When applied to the world of online gaming, where millions of players engage in real-time communication through voice and text, this functionality becomes invaluable. AI systems can ingest, analyze and respond to thousands of data points per second, making it a powerful tool for ensuring safety and security.

AI’s Adaptive Learnings

One of the most remarkable aspects of AI lies in its capacity for adaptive learning. Unlike humans, who are constrained by limitations of cognitive abilities and time constraints, AI can continuously update itself based on processed data. While humans can certainly learn and adapt, the pace can’t compare with AI. If a moderator or an insurance broker had to learn something new and circulate it through the entire team to change the process, changes would take weeks or months. AI systems can analyze and assimilate vast volumes of information in real-time, all while identifying new threats and patterns. The time difference between humans and AI is not just significant, it’s revolutionary.

AI’s Resilience to Emotional Fatigue

Humans exposed to extreme situations, such as monitoring online interactions filled with toxicity or distressing content, may experience emotional biases that can cloud judgment and decision-making. The relentless exposure to negativity can cause burnout and compassion fatigue, which impacts quality of work. AI remains impervious to emotional factors, consistently analyzing data without emotional influence, ensuring an objective approach to safety monitoring. This emotional detachment is a valuable asset. AI can also be used in scenarios where toxic gamers harass AI, as these bullies believe that they are harassing an actual human, when in fact, they’re interacting with a bot.

AI in the Gaming Industry

Ensuring safe and enjoyable gaming experiences for players is paramount. Online multiplayer games often involve communication between players, which sometimes leads to toxicity, harassment or even more serious issues. AI, with its rapid data analysis, can identify and flag inappropriate behavior almost instantly. This not only ensures a safer gaming environment, but also allows for timely intervention and appropriate actions. 

Identity Theft Detection

One of the critical applications of AI in gaming safety is the detection of potential identity theft issues. Many gamers use pseudonyms or usernames, but some individuals may attempt to impersonate others for malicious purposes. AI algorithms can scrutinize in-game communication, identify suspicious patterns and alert administrators or users to take action promptly. By doing so, AI helps protect players’ identities and personal information, fostering a more secure gaming ecosystem.

A Widespread Need for AI Safety Solutions

AI’s ability to enhance safety measures  extends across various sectors, from schools to major corporations. Institutions are increasingly looking for software tools that can effectively meet their complex needs, and AI is stepping up to the challenge.

Schools and universities have recognized the importance of online safety, particularly in the context of remote learning and digital classrooms. AI-powered systems can monitor online student interactions, flagging potential instances of cyberbullying, harassment or self-harm. This proactive approach allows educators and administrators to address issues promptly, creating a safer learning environment.

AI as a tool to support families 

Major corporations like Aura, known for their commitment to cybersecurity and data protection, are actively seeking AI-powered safety solutions to enhance their software and offering to their users. In an online environment rife with opportunistic bad actors, parents enabled with these AI tools have the ability to better protect themselves and their children from fraud, identify theft and other online crimes..

Seamless Integration

One of the benefits of AI is the ability to customize and easily integrate it into legacy systems seamlessly. Solutions can be integrated into insurance providers, gaming companies, internet service providers, personal online security providers, esports venues and clubs and communities in a matter of days if not hours. Those safety tools can also be tailored to suit the unique needs of different organizations. Whether it’s adapting to the communication style of gamers, students or children, AI can be fine-tuned to provide precise monitoring and analysis, ensuring a seamless fit with various company offerings. Integrating AI safety solutions into existing software and platforms is increasingly straightforward.

The remarkable speed at which AI can analyze and respond to thousands of data points is transforming the safety landscape across the connected world. In the gaming industry, it helps create a secure and enjoyable play environment by flagging potential threats and identity theft issues.

Beyond gaming, educational institutions and major corporations are recognizing the value of AI-powered safety solutions in safeguarding digital spaces. As technology evolves, it is imperative for tech companies to adapt and innovate. AI for safety is not just a trend, but a necessity, and its integration into various company offerings opens up new avenues for growth and impact. With AI’s remarkable speed and versatility, the future promises safer digital interactions for everyone, from gamers and students to children, teens and beyond.