Synopsis: In this AI Leadership Insights video interview, Amanda Razani speaks with Alison Clark, UK advanced manufacturing and mobility leader for EY, about how to improve supply chain resiliency using AI.

In this interview, Amanda Razani speaks with Alison Clark, the UK advanced manufacturing and mobility leader for EY. Clark elaborates on EY’s role as a consulting business, assisting clients in adopting technology and transforming their business operations, with a focus on heavy manufacturing sectors like automotive and aerospace. She emphasizes the relevance of AI in data analytics and how it can aid businesses in improving supply chain resiliency, especially post-COVID-19. Clark notes that many clients are cautious about AI, questioning its longevity and efficacy, given past technological disappointments. The complexity of their products and supply chains, along with geopolitical changes, heightens the need for advanced analytics to manage and respond to external pressures effectively.

Clark advises businesses to connect successful AI implementations across different functions to scale benefits. She highlights the importance of cleaning and organizing data incrementally rather than all at once to make it usable and actionable. Additionally, Clark foresees increased AI use in automating repetitive processes, enhancing efficiency and complementing human work rather than replacing it. She warns against jumping on the AI bandwagon without a clear purpose, suggesting businesses should focus on solving existing problems with AI, rather than seeking new problems for the technology to address. The key takeaway is to apply AI responsibly and effectively to existing business challenges for meaningful impact.