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Joining its IT brethren, Pure Storage took a deep plunge into generative AI.

On Wednesday, the company unfurled tools to buttress AI deployment, as well as cybersecurity and modernize applications.

Pure Storage introduced what it calls the industry’s first GenAI copilot for storage, to help simplify data management and protection using natural language. The technology essentially assists storage departments in scrutinizing complex performance and management incidents, and trouble-shooting security issues.

A Pure Storage-commissioned survey of 1,500 global CIOs and decision makers discovered that nearly all of them (98%) said their organization’s data infrastructure must improve to support fast-evolving initiatives like AI.

With AI applications growing, so too are complexities in managing infrastructure. To that end, Pure Storage announced Evergreen//One for AI, a service level agreement that — Pure Storage asserts — is the first AI storage-as-a-service for GPU performance in training, inference, and HPC workloads. The service comes in capacity subscriptions and purchases based on dynamic performance and throughput requirements.

Equally significant, Pure Fusion, a first-of-its-kind storage automation, was introduced. It was created to unify arrays and optimize storage pools across structured and unstructured data, on-premises, and in the cloud.

Altogether, the moves are designed to help Pure redefine enterprise storage with “a single, unified data storage platform that can address virtually all enterprise storage needs… like AI and cyber resilience,” Pure Storage Chief Executive Charles Giancarlo said in a statement.

Based on a recent interview with Giancarlo, Futurum Group CEO Daniel Newman said it was evident Pure Storage is “capitalizing on the AI trend, but in a way that brings infrastructure, consumption, cyber resiliency, and customer experience together in a pragmatic fashion that meets most enterprises where they are today.”

Newman added that Pure Storage remains “very focused in its ethos as storage centric” and the company “believes it can deliver across the continuum of price and complexity while addressing shifting CIO needs and a target of more sustainable IT.”

Cyber resiliency in AI has been a primary focus of Pure Storage that extends beyond traditional data snapshots and data reduction-based anomaly detection, according to the company.

Not to be left out of the NVIDIA Corp. vortex, Pure Storage is in partnership with the world’s most-valuable company to further enhance AI uses. By the end of 2024, Pure Storage expects to be a certified storage solution for NVIDIA’s DGX SuperPOD reference architecture to streamline deployment of large language models on Ethernet networks.

“As more businesses rely on automation and AI to make near-real-time decisions, at ServiceNow we are committed to meeting their needs” through a partnership with Pure Storage, Keith Martin, vice president of global cloud engineering at ServiceNow Inc., said in a statement. “That starts with 24/7 performance and reliability. Projects that take other companies three years, take only three months using Pure’s enterprise data storage platform.”