Generative AI is so hot it’s now being used for home barbecues. A company called Brisk It today debuts a barbecue grille that employs a generative AI assistant called Vera AI to do the cooking. 

“We have no doubt that Vera AI is going to revolutionize the grilling experience,” says Brisk It CEO Christopher Huang.

Vera AI promises a lot of versatility. In addition to tried-and-true recipes, Vera AI can create a brand new recipe based on user input. By logging into the Brisk It app, aspiring grille meisters can chat with Vera AI in real time to create unique recipes. In practice, this means no more scrolling through blogs or consulting recipe books. Just ask Vera AI what you want and Vera AI comes up with a solution in seconds.

Better yet, Vera AI monitors the cooking process. Vera AI controls temperature and settings but also corrects for human error. So if you forget to wrap a brisket or flip the steak, Vera AI reacts by adjusting cooking time accordingly so the food comes out as desired. Vera AI also can recommend seasonings and ways to circumvent the use of allergic ingredients.

“Grilling can seem like a daunting and time-consuming task for a lot of us but with Vera AI , it doesn’t have to be,” says Huang. “All you have to do is get a prompt started and Vera AI will do the rest for you, from figuring out what to eat to cooking the food of you.”

Vera isn’t limited to one item at a time either. Vera is able to cook a prime rib roast and a whole chicken simultaneously, for instance. Vera AI also will work with leftover ingredients on hand, creating a recipe, for example, from a question like, “What can I make with leftover ground beef, cilantro, nachos, shrimp and gouda cheese?”

The Vera AI enabled Brisk It grilles are linked to two differently sized models that use wood pellet smoking, and the list prices are $700 and $900. Brisk It was founded in 2020.